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Experienced, Successful Trial Attorneys

The New York Criminal Defense Attorneys at Sullivan & Brill, LLP have extensive experience in representing clients who have been arrested and accused of committing a wide range of New York state crimes. We have built a firm with dedicated criminal defense attorneys that are ready and very able to represent clients from the moment they are arrested until the trial.

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New York City Criminal Defense Lawyers

Facing Criminal Charges? We Can Fight For You.

You never thought you would find yourself on the wrong side of the law, but now that you are, you have no idea what to do next. One thing is for certain: You need swift and aggressive criminal defense as soon as possible. At Sullivan & Brill, LLP, we have a group of experienced New York City criminal defense lawyers who have the skills and legal insight to help you obtain the most favorable case outcome possible. We believe your rights are worth fighting for, and we will relentlessly do so until the very end.

Our Areas of Practice

Since 2001, our firm has handled nearly a thousand cases for clients, including a wide range of criminal matters. Whether you are facing charges for NY state or federal crimes related to drugs, domestic violence, sex crimes, DWI, or DUI, we have the resources and legal insight to help defend you.

We are well-trained, tough trial attorneys who are not afraid of going to court. Our firm can also be of assistance to you if you need help with appeals and post-conviction matters, police-brutality and false arrest, as well as criminal and civil asset forfeiture. We have achieved countless favorable results for our clients and we are confident in our abilities to do the same for you.

Have more questions? Contact Sullivan & Brill, LLP today.

Our firm treats our clients as if they were close friends and family, so it's safe to say that we care about your case as much as you do. We do not hand cases off to junior associates or paralegals. We roll up our sleeves and get straight to work. This hands-on approach has led to numerous victories and positive results.

As our client, you can expect and benefit from the following:

The sooner we hear from you, the sooner we can begin working on a customized defense strategy that best fits your situation. We urge you to contact us as soon as possible for more information about how our firm can be of assistance to you. Sullivan Brill can get you through this so that your criminal case is a thing of the past.

Proudly serving clients in New York City, NY and Puerto Rico.

Recent Results

Examples of Our Success

  • S&B Client Facing Life in Federal Prison, Found Not Guilty on All Counts by a Federal Jury

    In another astounding victory, New York criminal defense lawyer, Steven Brill, obtained an acquittal of all charges for a client that was charged with Conspiracy to Commit a Hobbs Act Robbery, Conspiracy to Possess and Distribute over 5 kilograms of Cocaine, Intention to Possess and Distribute over ...

  • Endangering the Welfare of Children - New York County

    In anther highly publicized case, Sullivan & Brill, LLP represented a 65 year old foster mother who took care of 7 children inside her apartment in the Manhattan. Her son was charged with possessing 2 full grown tigers, a crocodile and other undomesticated animals inside his mother's ...

  • Client, who was represented by Steven Brill, as stand-by counsel, was recently sentenced to 70 months - below the 121 months he

    On April 13, 2012, a pro se client, represented by Steven Brill as stand by counsel, was sentenced to 70 months in prison for his conviction of Securities Fraud, Wire Fraud and Mail Fraud. The client was exposed to a guideline sentence of 121-151 months. This sentence was based, in large part, by ...