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  • Sullivan Brill

    Since 2001, Sullivan Brill has grown into a well-staffed firm, with lawyers from all walks of life who share a solid work ethic, a competitive nature, and a successful track record of winning cases. We guarantee that with every case we handle, we will work tirelessly to give the client the best representation that we have to offer. Read More
  • Federal Crimes

    To defend against federal charges, you need an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer. Federal court and federal charges are very different from state court and state charges. One significant difference is that the stakes are much higher in federal criminal defense cases. Read More
  • Police Brutality and False Arrest

    Under federal and New York state laws, the police must respect a suspect's constitutional rights when making an arrest. The police must have probable cause to place that person under arrest and they must not use excessive force when apprehending or taking an individual into custody. When police officers ignore these basic rights, they can be held responsible. Read More
  • NY State Crimes

    The New York Criminal Defense Attorneys at Sullivan & Brill, LLP have extensive experience in representing clients who have been arrested and accused of committing a wide range of New York state crimes.  We have built a firm with dedicated criminal defense attorneys that are ready and very able to represent clients from the moment they are arrested until the trial. Read More
  • Appeals & Post Conviction

    After a conviction in a criminal case, the focus must turn toward appeals and/or post-conviction proceedings in order to secure appellate reversals, minimize sentences, deal with conditions of confinement, and, potentially, to obtain a new trial. Read More
  • Drug Crimes

    Anyone accused of a drug crime should hire an attorney before speaking to the police. An experienced drug charge lawyer can defend the rights of the accused, while thoroughly investigating the arrest to find out whether the police violated any search and seizure provision of the Constitution. Read More
  • DWI & DUI

    The firm's criminal defense lawyers have represented clients who have been charged with misdemeanor and felony DWI charges, including vehicular homicide charges. Sullivan Brill has extensive experience with cases involving breathalyzer tests, check points, sobriety tests and refusals. In addition, Sullivan Brill can represent you at any DMV hearing that stems from a DWI arrest. Read More
  • Rico & Racketeering

    Crimes charged under the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act) are powerful weapons that the federal government has at their disposal. Often these crimes conjure up images of the mafia, but federal prosecutors are now typically using this law for drugs and gang related activity. Read More
  • Securities Fraud

    Also known as Stock Fraud or Investment Fraud, these crimes are actively charged by federal prosecutors (especially post-Bernie Madoff). Usually, these charges involve the allegation that one has engaged in inducing investors based on false or misleading information to make financial decisions like buying or selling stock. Read More
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