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Verdicts & Resolutions

Client arrested and charged with Domestic Violence

Case Dismissed - 9/19/2016

For the second time in a week, Sullivan & Brill announces a major victory in our client’s criminal case in Brooklyn Criminal Court. In this New York criminal case, client was arrested in Brooklyn for: criminal contempt in the 1st and 2nd degree, endangering the welfare of ta child, attempted assault in the 3rd degree, menacing in the 3rd degree, and harassment in the 2nd degree. The incident stemmed from a dispute client had with his wife and teenage son. After Client was arrested, his wife and son were granted a full Order of Protection, which meant that the client was ordered to remain away from his own home for the pendency of the case. New York Criminal Attorneys, Steven Brill and James Healy, filed a Motion to Dismiss all of the charges arguing that all of the charges on the criminal complaint were “facially insufficient.” This meant that the none of the facts alleged by the client’s wife and son established prima facie evidence that any crime was committed. As a result of the Judge’s decision dismissing the entire case, Client is no longer subject to any criminal charges and the order of protection is no longer valid.

Refusal Hearing

Restoration of License Privileges - 9/16/2016

Sullivan & Brill, LLP presently represents an officer with the NYPD who was charged with Driving while Intoxicated (DWI). After their client was arrested, he refused to take the Breathalyzer Test. Today, Attorney Steven Brill represented the client at a New York DMV refusal hearing. Mr. Brill argued that the officer who arrested the client had failed to state a “reasonable cause” they stopped and pulled over the client. In other words, there was no evidence that the client engaged in any criminal behavior prior to the car stop. Without that evidence, the Administrative Law Judge at DMV was unable to prove that that there was any “reasonable cause” to stop the client. As a result, DMV case against the client was closed, and the client’s New York State driver’s license privileges were restored.

Attorney Brill Successfully Argues for a Time-Served Sentenced in a Federal Criminal Case


Today, Attorney Steven Brill successfully argued for a sentenced of time-served for a client who was facing a sentencing guideline of 37-46 months. Steven Brill’s client had been indicted for being a Felon in Possession of a Firearm. Although the client had a criminal history, his justification for the possession was that he feared for his life because his family member had recently been a witness for the prosecution in another case.

In his sentencing submissions, Steven Brill’s argued that his client was mentally and emotionally abused as a child and struggled to this today to deal with those deep-rooted issues. In addition, Mr. Brill highlighted the fact that his client had turned his life around while he was out on bail during the case. During almost 2 years that the case was pending, Steven Brill’s client was gainfully employed on a full-time basis and was rapidly moving up in his company. Steven Brill’s client also showed the Court that he spent all of his time with his wife, children, and grand-children, and now understands that living as a productive, hard-working person is the proper way to live.

The Court imposed a time served sentenced even though it is extremely rare for a federal judge to deviate that much from a federal sentencing guideline. Sullivan & Brill, LLP are looking forward to counting this client as one of their many success stories.

Southern District of New York (SDNY) – Client who pled guilty to Hobbs Act Robbery Receives Sentence Well-Below the Guidelines


The client, represented by Steven Brill, was indicted for being a member of a Narcotics and Hobbs Act Robbery Conspiracy. He was charged with passing a tip along to others with the intention of committing a robbery of a drug dealer who was visiting New York. After almost a year of negotiations, Steven Brill, worked out a plea agreement with the US Attorney’s Office that his client plead guilty to the Hobbs Act Robbery conspiracy, and not the narcotics conspiracy. This saved the client exposure to a 10-year mandatory minimum. However, in its sentencing investigation, the Department of Probation found that the client was a “Career Offender” under the Sentencing Guidelines, which exposed the client to a guideline range of 150-181 months. However, following a sentencing hearing, where Steven Brill presented various arguments mitigating the client’s conduct, the Court sentenced the client to 87 months – which was just about half of what his guideline range advised.

Suffolk County, Long Island, New York – Client charged with felony possession of marijuana and cannabis oil gets charges dismiss


Client retained Sullivan & Brill for representation following an arrest for felony possession of marijuana. The Suffolk County DA’s Office reduced the felony to a misdemeanor and Partner Joseph Sullivan negotiated a deal where the client would not plead guilty to a crime but instead receive an offer to plead guilty to a non-criminal deal. Client was sentenced to do community service and will have no criminal record as a result of the deal.

Kings County – Client originally convicted of a drug sale in 1994 retains Sullivan & Brill to assist her in receiving a Certific


Client is registered nurse in Connecticut. In 1994, she was convicted of a drug sale in Brooklyn. She pled guilty to the charge and received a sentence of 5 years probation. She came to Sullivan & Brill to represent her in applying for a Certificate of Relief from Civil Disabilities. Specifically, she wanted the Certificate to permit her to handle controlled substances in the course of her employment as a nurse. James Healy and Steven Brill were successful and the client received the Certificate from Judge Tomei in Kings County.

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