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Blog Posts in March, 2012

  • Top 10 Spots where Cops have Stopped, Questioned and Frisked

    || 20-Mar-2012

    The New York Civil Liberties Union has recently analyzed NYPD’s stop and frisk program - boiling down the department’s 2011 684,000 stops to the top ten precincts where the policy is used the most. The goal of this report is to make policy and action transparent so the citizens of New York will have a good sense of what their police department is doing. While it may not be news to ...
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  • The recent verdict convicting Dharun Ravi - a Rutgers student who had sent out Twitter and text messages encouraging others to watch his roommate, Tyler Clementi, engaged in intimate, sexual activity with another male student - for bias and invasion of privacy crimes at Rutgers University have widespread ramifications in the area of criminal law. Now, law enforcement and prosecutors may be more ...
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  • The NYPD arrested sixteen suspects Tuesday on charges of setting up fake auto accidents in Brooklyn, netting $400,000 in insurance payouts, authorities said. Several of the incidents involved U-Haul trucks rented by people with squeaky-clean licenses, said the NYPD’s Fraudulent Accident Investigation Squad. The suspects are all from Brooklyn and range in age from 20 to 46 and are being ...
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