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Blog Posts in October, 2012

  • Mitigation when it comes to Federal Sentencing

    || 26-Oct-2012

    If you want to understand the power of mitigation factors at a federal sentencing hearing, look no further than the sentencing of Rajat Gupta before Judge Rakoff in the SDNY. Mr. Gupta, a former Goldman Sachs board member, was convicted of 3 counts of securities fraud and 1 count of conspiracy for passing inside information (regarding Warren Buffet’s involvement with Goldman). Prior to ...
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  • Self Defense and the "Castle Doctrine"

    || 25-Oct-2012

    There is an old 17th Century English saying: a man’s home is his castle. Those words rang loud and clear in a recent case in Kalispell, Montana where an unarmed man was shot dead when he entered his neighbor’s garage to confront the neighbor about an affair he was having with the man’s wife. Because of the self-defense laws in Montana (similar to the ones in at least 20 other ...
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  • New York's Stop and Frisk Policy Front and Center

    || 21-Oct-2012

    The NYPD says that it has made major inroads in improving their stop and frisk policies: but that remains to be seen. Presently, there are potentially three class-actions lawsuits against the City of New York and the NYPD alleging improper stop and frisk practices. If one believes the statistics calculated by the New York Chapter of the ACLU, in 2011, the NYPD stop and questioned people 685,724 ...
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  • Cyber Crime - The Crime of the Future

    || 10-Oct-2012

    If you were not a PNC Bank of Bank of America customer, you may not have heard that hackers had infiltrated databases making it impossible for customers to do their banking on-line. Other than some majorly inconvenienced customers, no money was stolen. But, the event, although not highly publicized, was a greatly symbolic when it comes to the world of cybercrime. It underscored what the criminal ...
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