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Blog Posts in 2016

  • Attorney Steven Brill Appears on Today's Verdict Program

    || 7-Dec-2016

    Attorney Steven Brill recently appeared on the BronxNet program Today's Verdict with host David Lesch. David and Steven's discussion focused on sex crime laws here in New York, their ramifications, and how they differ from other states' statutes and federal laws. Attorney Brill also offered insight into the challenges of navigating these cases both as a defense lawyer and as a member ...
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  • The Unconstitutionality of Setting Bail on Those Who Can't Afford it

    || 23-Aug-2016

    I remember early in my career as a public defender I appeared in night court during the arraignment shift. The purpose of arraignments in New York State Criminal Court was for a defendant to be informed of his charges and the judge to make a bail determination – or in other words, hold a bail hearing. Most Judges would set bail irrespective of a defendant’s means to post that bail. But ...
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  • Sullivan & Brill Defends Client in RICO Conspiracy

    || 5-Aug-2016

    Sullivan & Brill is now defending a client charged in a criminal indictment in the SDNY charging alleged members of organized crime families with a RICO conspiracy. The charges included accusations of Health Care Fraud, Illegal Sports Gambling, Unstamped Cigarette Distribution, Firearm Possession, and Extortion. The case involves alleged criminal acts by different organized crime families like ...
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  • Let Us Help You Get Your Car Back After a DWI Arrest

    || 22-Jun-2016

    If you have been arrested and charged with DWI in New York, it is likely that your car was seized as well. The seizure of your vehicle can make an already traumatic situation much worse. Even if you have not been found guilty of the charge, the NYPD has authority to seize your car because under civil law they will claim that there is cause to believe that your car was used as an instrument of the ...
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  • Our Clients Deserve More Opportunities Post-Conviction

    || 21-Mar-2016

    The criminal law can be unforgiving. If you happen to find yourself convicted of a New York State of Federal crime – whether misdemeanor or felony – the conviction plants itself on your record forever – literally. In effect punished a second time by wearing that conviction like a scarlet letter only to rear its head license applications, property owner and job background checks. ...
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