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Blog Posts in 2017

  • Gun Laws in New York City

    || 13-Oct-2017

    As you may expect, New York City has one of the strictest gun laws in the country. From the moment a potential gun owner wishes to purchase a gun, one is required to fill out a 17-page application, which, among other things, asks for your birth certificate, proof of citizenship, proof of residence and employment, mental health and disability treatment, and an explanation for why the applicant ...
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  • What to Wear When Appearing in Court

    || 4-Oct-2017

    Outside of my commitment working as an attorney, defending clients from prosecutors and law enforcement agents, I also act as an advisor to my clients as well. Any good attorney is not only a lawyer, but also a personal advisor as well. At Sullivan & Brill, LLP, we look out for our clients’ best interests. One example of how I help clients resolve their case favorably, is by making sure ...
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  • Sealing Criminal Records in New York

    || 6-May-2017

    There is finally some good news when it comes to criminal justice reform. A bill just signed by Governor Cuomo, entitled CPL §160.59, gives a court the discretion to seal up to 2 convictions for all crimes other than sex offenses, violent crimes, or “A” Felonies. There is a 10-year waiting period on this type of record sealing, which runs from the date of conviction or the date of ...
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