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Recent Posts in Appeals and Post-Conviction Matters News Category

  • Since the landmark decision of Miranda v. Arizona was handed down in 1966, courts have been chipping away at the breadth of protections that criminal suspects receive. For example, in the 1971 case of Harris v. New York, the Supreme Court found that statements made by a suspect who was not given a Miranda warning could not be used as evidence in the trial against him, but could be used to impeach ...
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  • Federal District Judge Grants Petition for Habeas Corpus

    || 14-May-2012

    In an unusual federal criminal decision, a federal judge from the Eastern District of New York granted a defendant’s Habeas Corpus petition on the grounds that the state court trial judge acted vindictively in rendering sentence. In the matter of Izaguirre v. Lee, Federal Judge Joseph Bianco found that trial judge’s announcement that defendant would be sentenced to 25 years in prison ...
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