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Recent Posts in New York State Criminal News Category

  • Sealing Criminal Records in New York

    || 6-May-2017

    There is finally some good news when it comes to criminal justice reform. A bill just signed by Governor Cuomo, entitled CPL §160.59, gives a court the discretion to seal up to 2 convictions for all crimes other than sex offenses, violent crimes, or “A” Felonies. There is a 10-year waiting period on this type of record sealing, which runs from the date of conviction or the date of ...
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  • Our Clients Deserve More Opportunities Post-Conviction

    || 21-Mar-2016

    The criminal law can be unforgiving. If you happen to find yourself convicted of a New York State of Federal crime – whether misdemeanor or felony – the conviction plants itself on your record forever – literally. In effect punished a second time by wearing that conviction like a scarlet letter only to rear its head license applications, property owner and job background checks. ...
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  • What Happened to Getting a Second Chance?

    || 23-Nov-2015

    In 1993, a 25 year old woman living in New York pleaded guilty to bank fraud, and received one day in jail, six months of house arrest, and four years of probation. She did her time, began to pursue nursing school, and was able to move forward and put the whole incident behind her - or so she thought. In 2010, while in her last semester of college, the woman filed a petition for expungement of her ...
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  • Understanding Bail in New York

    || 14-Oct-2015

    When it comes to the inner-workings of the criminal justice system, there is no other component more integral but less understood than bail. The main reason for this confusion is that each state has its own way of handling the bail process. For example in New York State, bail is typically imposed in 2 forms: cash or bond. In other words, following a bail hearing or an arraignment, a judge will set ...
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  • Joseph Sullivan & Steven Brill Selected by Super Lawyers for 2015

    || 7-Oct-2015

    Sullivan & Brill, LLP, a New York City based personal injury and criminal defense law firm with offices in Puerto Rico, is pleased to announce that its founding partners, Joseph Sullivan and Steven Brill, have been selected as Super Lawyers for 2015. Both Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Brill were named New York Metro Area Super Lawyers for the second consecutive year in the categories of ...
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  • Here Come Laws Against Cyber Bullying!

    || 6-Jun-2014

    Some may be interested to know that laws against Cyber Bullying are coming. If a new law out of Albany County, New York, is any indication, then the writing is on the wall that this controversial trend is a high priority for government and is about to be addressed. The Albany County law that was enacted recently makes is misdemeanor to relay "private, personal, false, or sexual ...
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  • Revenge Porn: The State of the Law in New York

    || 5-May-2014

    At the moment there is no specific statute criminalizing what is commonly known as "revenge porn" in New York. As it is generally understood, revenge porn refers to the unauthorized publication or dissemination of nude or otherwise sexually compromising photographs or video. There are existing statutes that would possibly address some types of behavior—specifically, where the ...
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  • New York's City Council is about to vote on a new bill that will ban private business from asking potential job applicants if they have ever been convicted of a crime – until after the job offer has been made. The Bill, which is known as the "Fair Chance Act," would permit private employers to rescind a job offer if they discovered a prior conviction. To many of our clients ...
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  • In a troubling study conducted by the Department of Justice, it was found that 1 out of every 10 state prisoners are sexually abused – or 9.6% of the entire state jail population. What makes the sexual abuse even worse is that a great majority of the incidents involved physical restraint. As a result of this alarming statistic, the Department of Justice is establishing a program that will ...
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  • A former NYPD officer was sentenced to 75 years to life for raping a woman in the inwood section of New York. The case made headlines due to the jury's decision to acquit the NYPD officer of the most serious offense of Rape in the First Degree and instead convict on the lesser charge of Sexual Assault. Although no reason was given for the decision, the New York Criminal Defense Attorney in the ...
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  • In Albany, Top Judge Seeks to Curb False Convictions

    || 15-Feb-2012

    The state’s chief judge, Jonathan Lippman, said that instituting new safeguards against wrongful convictions and raising the age at which criminal defendants are considered adults should be top priorities of legislators and the legal community in New York State, reported the New York Times. Judge Lippman made several proposals that he plans to bring to the legislature. These proposals focus ...
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  • Women in McDonald's Fight Seen Widely Online Plead Not Guilty

    || 13-Jan-2012

    On October 13, 2011, Denise Darbeau and Rachel Edwards entered a McDonald’s in Greenwich Village after a night of drinking. Shortly after arriving they were involved in a confrontation with an employee, Rayon McIntosh, after the women allegedly tried to pass off a counterfeit fifty dollar bill. The whole scene was caught on film and what began as an argument quickly turned into more when the ...
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