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Recent Posts in Sex Crimes News Category

  • Attorney Steven Brill Appears on Today's Verdict Program

    || 7-Dec-2016

    Attorney Steven Brill recently appeared on the BronxNet program Today's Verdict with host David Lesch. David and Steven's discussion focused on sex crime laws here in New York, their ramifications, and how they differ from other states' statutes and federal laws. Attorney Brill also offered insight into the challenges of navigating these cases both as a defense lawyer and as a member ...
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  • Aide at a Manhattan School Is Charged With Sexual Abuse

    || 17-Feb-2012

    A teacher’s aide at P.S. 87, a highly regarded Manhattan public elementary school, was arrested after he allegedly sexually abused a student. The accused, Gregory Atkins, 56, was working at the Upper West Side public school since November 2008 and has been a part of the school system since 2001. According to law enforcement, Atkins has been accused of having a young male student strip down ...
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  • A woman was sexually assaulted after getting off the subway just after 1 a.m. on Wednesday. The suspect, Michael Torres, 29, allegedly grabbed the 36-year-old on the escalator as she exited the J train at the bowery station in Manhattan. According to authorities, Torres was armed with a screw driver when he took the victim by the neck, ordered her not to scream and then dragged her to an unused ...
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