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California: Man Faces More Murder Counts

In January, police arrested former US marine Itzcoatl Ocampo, for the killings of four homeless men in California. Prosecutors were expected to file formal murder charges for the stabbings that occurred in late December. Those closest to him claim that Ocampo was never the same after returning from his deployment to Iraq in 2008.

Ocampo, who has since been charged with four counts of murder for the December killing spree where four homeless men were stabbed many times, is now being charged with two more homicides. This time the 23-year-old former marine is accused of the stabbing deaths of his high school friend’s mother and older brother. Raqueal Estrada and her son Juan Herrara were found dead and originally thought to be killed by Estrada’s younger son Eder Herrara. The authorities have dropped the charges against Eder Herrara and are charging Ocampo due to “significant evidence” linking him to the murders when DNA samples were taken from his home.

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