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Former State Senator from Westchester is to Plead Guilty on a Federal Tax Charge

A former state senator, Nicholas A. Spano, is set to plead guilty today to a federal tax charge for failing to report more than $45,000 in income from 2000 to 2008. Mr. Spano is a moderate Republican who was both influential and well liked in the legislature. During his lengthy tenure in office that began in 1987, the former Republican senator shelled out millions of dollars in state grants in his Westchester county district. Despite doing so, he was defeated by his Democrat counterpart in 2006.

Mr. Spano’s criminal defense lawyer said that the former senator would admit to not reporting his income accurately in three ways. First, he did not report as income a $45,000 commission received on a real estate transaction; second he took deductions, for a corporation he owned, for rental expenses for the use of an office he did not actually have; and lastly he did not report cash rental payments received from tenants in a building he owned in Yonkers, reported the New York Times. Mr. Spano could face a maximum prison sentence of 18 months.

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