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MTA workers bust man sexually assaulting woman on J train tracks

A woman was sexually assaulted after getting off the subway just after 1 a.m. on Wednesday. The suspect, Michael Torres, 29, allegedly grabbed the 36-year-old on the escalator as she exited the J train at the bowery station in Manhattan. According to authorities, Torres was armed with a screw driver when he took the victim by the neck, ordered her not to scream and then dragged her to an unused portion of the subway tracks.

Once out of sight on the unused tracks, the suspect attempted to rape the woman but her screams alerted nearby workers. Four MTA workers heard screams coming from the scene of the crime and went over to inspect the situation. Upon hearing the track workers close by, Torres fled on foot but was caught by police and arrested a short while later.

The police used an image that was captured on subway surveillance tapes as Torres left the station to track him down. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly commented on how the man was found and arrested: "That picture was taken by detectives to the surrounding area [and] someone recognized him.” If convicted of any of the multiple charges being brought against him, Torres will likely face a hefty prison sentence. He has been charged with assault, attempted rape, criminal sex act, reckless endangerment and criminal possession of a weapon.

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