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The NYPD will End Stops and Frisks of Livery Cab Passengers

The City of New York has recently agreed to train its police officers to end the policy of stopping and frisking livery cab passengers. The civil suit was started by two men who were detained after their livery cab was stopped as a result of the Taxi and Livery Inspection Program (TRIP). Once they were detained, they were frisked. What made the stop and frisk more improper was that the livery cab driver told the NYPD officers that the passengers had done nothing wrong. As a result of the civil suit settlement, the NYPD has agreed not detain, question and frisk passengers in the livery cabs simply because they are participating the TRIP program. The TRIP program allows the NYPD to stop a livery cab participating in the program, at will, to perform driver safety checks.