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Sealing Criminal Records in New York

There is finally some good news when it comes to criminal justice reform. A bill just signed by Governor Cuomo, entitled CPL §160.59, gives a court the discretion to seal up to 2 convictions for all crimes other than sex offenses, violent crimes, or “A” Felonies. There is a 10-year waiting period on this type of record sealing, which runs from the date of conviction or the date of release from prison.

A procedure will soon be in place allowing an application to be made to the court, requiring certain statements from the applicant. The DA must also be served (so they may chime in). Ultimately, the Judge has the discretion to decide on the papers or to hold a hearing in order to decide whether or not the application will be granted.

At Sullivan & Brill, LLP, we have been helping clients with their post-conviction needs for many years. This new law allows us to continue to do so, and gives us more ammunition to help our clients overcome a past conviction so their mistakes no longer interfere with the rest of their lives. This welcomed law takes effect in October of 2017.

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