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What to Wear When Appearing in Court

Outside of my commitment working as an attorney, defending clients from prosecutors and law enforcement agents, I also act as an advisor to my clients as well. Any good attorney is not only a lawyer, but also a personal advisor as well. At Sullivan & Brill, LLP, we look out for our clients’ best interests. One example of how I help clients resolve their case favorably, is by making sure they make smart decisions and leave good impressions. Making sure my clients make the right decisions regarding what they wear to court is one such example. Hearing fashion advice from an attorney sounds strange, I know--but it is more important than you can imagine.

Why Should it Matter?

I imagine you dress well when you go for a job interview, go on a date, or attend a ceremony, like a wedding. So, why should court be any different? If you are charged with a crime, whether you like it or not, you are being judged by the Judge and the prosecutor. The impression you leave them by what you wear when you are before them could tip the scales toward a better plea offer or a lower sentence.

Why? What you wear tells others you care about what you did, you care about where you are, you respect the process and system, and you take it seriously. These are signals that you want to give the court and the prosecutor, to persuade them to view you in a better light than if they viewed you based on the charges against you. By dressing well, you give the Judge and prosecutor a reason to take you seriously, and value you as a person. Naturally, what you wear will not control the outcome of your case--argument and facts do that. However, dressing well will certainly help.

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