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Advice to Clients: Talk more

If you are a client who has been arrested, we strongly advise that client to exercise their 5th Amendment right and remain silent. The less said the better. On the other hand, when it comes to meeting with the attorney who will defend you, I advise clients to do just the opposite: talk more freely and openly - and this means the client needs to share all of the good, the bad and the ugly. The best way to assure that your attorney is equipped with all of the important facts about your case and able to craft the most effective defense possible is for the client to share as much as they can about the case.

Let’s face it, someone who has been charged with a crime and is accused of doing something wrong, will not naturally feel a burning desire to talk – especially when the facts are not all that positive. For a client to speak about the facts of their case – including the bad facts – is not a comfortable position for them. Good attorneys must bring out that level of comfort. For instance, the client must understand that the attorney-client relationship is sacred. An attorney must emphasize its existence so the client remembers it is always present when the client is speaking only to their attorney. Equally as important, the attorney must make the client understand that the more equipped their attorney is with all of the facts – the bad ones too – the more prepared that attorney will be when defending the client. In every criminal case, a prepared attorney is the goal that every client who has been charged with a crime can help their attorney reach by talking more.