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Federal RICO or Racketeering Defense Attorneys

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When you are charged with a crime under the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization) Act, it is important for you to know that there are powerful weapons that the federal government has at their disposal. Oftentimes, these crimes conjure up images of the mafia, but federal prosecutors are now typically using this law for drugs and gang related activity.

What makes RICO crimes dangerous for individuals charged with them is that a client's assets very often get frozen at the beginning of legal process, causing a significant financial hardship. But on top of the seizure of assets, under these crimes, the federal government does not need to prove that a client committed the criminal acts themselves (like most cases), but rather that the client was engaged in a pattern of behavior as it relates to a specific criminal act.

Our attorneys at Sullivan & Brill have seen many RICO related indictments, so if you are charged with such a crime, you will be in good and experienced hands as our clients. With many successful case results, our firm has experienced many RICO matters, and we know the laws and regulations concerning these charges.

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RICO charges can result in long, harsh penalties including extensive sentences in prison. Because these crimes are taken as seriously as they are, prosecutors are not hesitant to seek full sentencing – which can include penalization for each count – and they work hard to achieve this goal. At Sullivan & Brill, though, we are not afraid to challenge prosecutors and their claims against our clients. We diligently work to gather evidence, witness testimonies, and any other asset that could prove the innocence of our clients. Our firm understands the serious nature of these charges, and we believe that individuals who have been wrongly accused deserve the right to a fair and just trial.

At Sullivan & Brill, we take every precaution to handle your case with care, attention, respect, and experience. We work, to the best of our ability, to obtain a favorable outcome in your case. Whether it is a reduction of charges or a full case dismissal, our goal is to protect your rights and freedom in a court of law. Contact us today, and we can begin building a defense strategy tailored to suit your needs.

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