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You never thought you would find yourself on the wrong side of the law, but now that you are, you have no idea what to do next. One thing is for certain: You need swift and aggressive criminal defense as soon as possible. At Sullivan & Brill, LLP, we have a group of experienced New York City criminal defense lawyers who have the skills and legal insight to help you obtain the most favorable case outcome possible. We believe your rights are worth fighting for, and we will relentlessly do so until the very end.

Our Areas of Practice

Since 2001, our firm has handled nearly a thousand cases, including a wide range of criminal matters. Whether you are facing charges for NY state or federal crimes related to drugs, domestic violence, sex crimes, or DWI/DUI, we have the resources and legal insight to help defend you. Our well-trained, tough trial attorneys are not afraid of going to court.

Our firm can also assist you with appeals and post-conviction matters, police-brutality, and false arrest, as well as criminal and civil asset forfeiture. We have achieved countless favorable results for our clients and are confident in our abilities to do the same for you.


Recent Results

Our firm treats our clients as if they were close friends and family, so it's safe to say that we care about your case as much as you do. We do not hand cases off to junior associates or paralegals. We roll up our sleeves and get straight to work. This hands-on approach has led to numerous victories and positive results.

You can expect and benefit from the following:

  • Flexible hours
  • Free case evaluation
  • Passionate and reliable legal representation

Sullivan & Brill, LLP can get you through this so that your criminal case is a thing of the past.

The sooner we hear from you, the sooner we can begin working on a customized defense strategy that best fits your situation. We urge you to contact us as soon as possible for more information about how our firm can be of assistance to you.

Examples of Our Success
    • Endangering the Welfare of Children - New York County
    • Suffolk County, New York – Charges dismissed against client, a father of 3 children, charged with reckless endangerment
    • Suffolk County, Long Island, New York – Client charged with felony possession of marijuana and cannabis oil gets charges dismiss
    • S&B was Recently Retained to Represent a Man Accused of Statutory Rape
    • Sullivan & Brill Retained to Represent Client Arrested and Charged with Possession with Intent to Sell Cocaine in Queens County
    • New York County – Sullivan & Brill’s Client who was on 10 year probation is granted Early Termination of Probation
    • Attorney Brill Successfully Argues for a Time-Served Sentenced in a Federal Criminal Case
    • Drinking and Driving (DWI) - Suffolk County (Riverhead)
    • International Drug Conspiracy - Federal District Court/District of Columbia
    • Client, who was represented by Steven Brill, as stand-by counsel, was recently sentenced to 70 months
    • Young Jamaican Man Hired Sullivan & Brill to Fight Charges of Attempted Grand Larceny
    • Sullivan Brill, LLP successfully convinces SEC to drop investigation against client accused of Insider Trading
    • Domestic Violence - Queens County
    • Richmond County, Staten Island, New York – Client, a 16 year old high school student charged with a felony robbery gets charges
    • Client arrested and charged with Domestic Violence
    • Attempted Murder - Queens County
    • New York DWI Attorney, Steven Brill, Negotiated a Non-Criminal Plea Bargain for Young Client who was Arrested
    • Sullivan Brill, LLP successfully negotiates a PTD (Pre-Trial Diversion) agreement for Client Originally Charged with Crime
    • Steven Brill Argued that the Court Reverse his Client’s Wire Fraud Conviction and 108-month Sentence
    • S&B was recently retained to represent a man charged with Marijuana Possession with Intent to Sell
    • S&B negotiates a favorable plea deal for a married couple in Manslaughter case
    • Drug Conspiracy/Money Laundering - Southern District of New York
    • S & B was recently retained to represent a man charged in Identity Theft ring
    • Reckless Endangerment/Gun Possession - Kings County
    • Iraqi Vet Suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Represented by Sullivan & Brill, is Sentenced to Time Served and Probat
    • Sullivan & Brill Retained to Represent Woman Charged with the Federal Crimes of Money Laundering and Conspiracy
    • Kings County - Case against S&B client for sexual abuse of a minor is dismissed
    • Sullivan & Brill's Client who was Charged with Federal Drug Conspiracy in the SDNY was Recently Sentenced
    • International Khat Importation and Distribution Conspiracy - Southern District Court of New York
    • Sullivan & Brill was recently retained to represent a woman who was extradited from Puerto Rico to New York to face charges
    • Attempted Murder/Battered Woman/Self Defense - New York County
    • Client Hires Sullivan & Brill to Represent Him on Aggravated Driving With a Suspended License Arrest
    • New York County – Client was charged with making Assault and criminal mischief after a physical altercation with her husband
    • Kidnapping - Queens County
    • S&B was recently retained to represent a young man for Possession of Ketamine with Intent to Sell
    • Kings County – Client originally convicted of a drug sale in 1994 retains Sullivan & Brill to assist her in receiving a Certific
    • S & B was recently retained to represent a tourist charged with drug possession
    • Sullivan & Brill was Recently Hired to Represent 35 year-old Jamaican Man Charged with Attempted Murder in Brooklyn
    • Sullivan & Brill's Client Charged with RICO Conspiracy in Newburgh Latin Kings Indictment Found Not Guilty of ALL Conspiracy Cha
    • S&B was retained to represent a young NYC student charged with Grand Larceny in the Fourth Degree in Nassau County
    • Southern District of New York (SDNY) – Client who pled guilty to Hobbs Act Robbery Receives Sentence Well-Below the Guidelines
    • Sullivan & Brill attorney,Steven Brill, was Interviewed for Article in on the Stop and Frisk Policy in New York Cit
    • A Federal Investigation finds that 5 Jailed in 1995 Killing of New York City Cab Driver are Innocent
    • Rape - Bronx County
    • New Client Retained New York Criminal Attorney Steven Brill to Represent College Student Charged with Misdemeanor Assault
    • Queens County – Client charged with Domestic Violence against his wife following a verbal dispute
    • S&B was Recently Retained a Case Involving Possession of a Loaded Weapon
    • Steven Brill's client, the Upper East Side Dog Walker convicted of stealing from his clients, was sentenced to the minimum sente
    • New York DWI Attorneys, Sullivan & Brill, Negotiated a Non-Criminal Plea Bargain for a Young Client Arrested for Driving
    • Criminal Usury/Loan sharking - Richmond County
    • New Client Retained Steven Brill to Represent Him in Connection with a Subpoena Served by the SEC
    • S&B Client Facing Life in Federal Prison, Found Not Guilty on All Counts by a Federal Jury
    • Bronx County – Sullivan & Brill retained to represent Bronx man at sentencing who was indicted and convicted for Rape
    • Refusal Hearing
    • Facing 10 Years in Jail, Federal Judge Sentences S&B Client to 3 months in Halfway House
    • Southern District of New York (SDNY) – Client charged with Extortion and Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud
    • S & B was recently retained to represent a woman charged with several counts of grand larceny and robbery
    • Sullivan & Brill's Client who was Charged with Federal Drug Conspiracy in the SDNY was Recently Sentenced
    • Steven Brill Successfully Argued that Client Charged with Running over a 1 Million Dollar Ponzi Scheme be Sentenced to Less Time
    • Child Manslaughter - Staten Island
    • Drug Conspiracy/Abuse of Trust
    • Federal Criminal Attorney, Steven Brill, Successfully Argued To Federal District Judge of the Eastern DIstrict of New York

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