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The federal government has enormous power to investigate individuals and companies. The tools they utilize generally take the form of a wiretap, video surveillance, or the frequently-used subpoena. It begins with a phone call or a knock at the door of your home or place of business from a federal agent who wants to speak with you. You may be placed in a high-pressured environment where several intimidating agents begin to ask you questions. Or perhaps you are served with a subpoena by a federal prosecutor that wants you to produce business documents or appear at a grand jury presentment, or some other official hearing, to testify.

Either scenario commands you to seek the advice of experienced federal criminal defense attorneys. The decisions you make at the early stages of a federal government investigation can dictate how the rest of the case proceeds. At Sullivan & Brill, we have helped and advised individuals and companies who are investigated by the federal government.

If you or someone you know has been visited by a federal agent or served with a federal subpoena, contact us immediately.

New York Attorneys Experienced in Government Investigations

If you have been issued a subpoena by the government, it is important for you to hire an attorney who is knowledgeable with this area of law. We have the skill and experienced necessary to represent you against government investigations.

When you retain our services, you can be confident that we will:

  • Exhaust our resources to advocate on your behalf
  • Investigate the cause for the subpoena
  • Represent you in any hearings to protect your rights
  • Treat your case with the utmost attention and care that it deserves
  • Keep you updated every step of the way

At Sullivan & Brill, we are dedicated to helping individuals in their times of need. If you need reliable representation, contact our firm today.

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