Early Probation Discharge in New York

How do I terminate my probation early?

When someone is convicted of a misdemeanor or felony in New York, a viable and common sentence is a term of probation. Typically, when one is convicted of a misdemeanor, the minimum term of probation is 3 years. When one is convicted of a felony, the minimum term of probation is 5 years. While a sentence of probation is not as restrictive as a term of prison, probation requirements are still strict and may very well interfere with one's day to day schedule.

As one very obvious example of the requirements, a probationer must report to their probation officer on a consistent basis. This may mean every month or, in some cases, every 2 weeks. Also, it is no surprise that customer service is not one of the Department of Probation's priorities. Therefore, when a probationer does report to the probation office, there is typically a wait.

When a probationer is finally seen by a probation officer, questions are asked and a drug test is given. On top of this reporting requirement, in some cases, a probation officer will make unexpected visits to your home to check on you. To our clients who wish to travel for work or pleasure, each trip must be discussed with a probation officer and permission must be given.

Needless to say, the requirements and conditions of probation can be extremely restrictive. Sullivan & Brill can help end your probation term early. Our criminal defense lawyers have experience drafting and filing motions with the court requesting that a client's probation end early. Usually, attached to these motions are exhibits, such as work documents, letters of support, certificates, that seeks to persuade a court to grant our client an early discharge from probation.

Once our motions are filed, the Department of Probation will add their response as well as the District Attorney's Office. Ultimately, the motion is calendared before the judge that originally imposed the sentence of probation. In some cases, the judge may conduct a hearing in order to discuss the issues detailing the early discharge request. We are experienced trial attorneys so we are certainly ready and able to make the arguments for client's early discharge from probation in any form necessary.

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If you are presently on probation in New York and want to attempt to be discharged early, call our New York criminal defense attorneys to discuss your options. Our legal team at Sullivan & Brill is available for immediate free consultations and we look forward to speaking with you.

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