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Unfortunately, with little or no proof at all, the government can effectively invoke a penalty or seize a person's assets and most people do not know how to fight for the return of their personal property. From cars to bank accounts and homes, if your assets have been taken with little or no due process, we are here to fight for you. You don't need to be victimized by the government's decision to engage in criminal or civil asset forfeiture.

The law states that the government is permitted to seize:

  • Any property that is involved in an attempted or completed transaction that is in violation of any of a long list of offenses
  • All moneys or other things of value that are furnished or intended to be furnished by an individual in exchange for a controlled substance
  • Any and all proceeds that may be traceable to an exchange of controlled substances
  • All moneys or other valuable items that are used or intended to be used in order to facilitate any violation of the drug laws

If your assets have been taken unlawfully and without the proper processes, our team at Sullivan & Brill can help restore that property to you in a timely manner. Our New York criminal defense lawyers have served clients since 2001 and have successfully handled hundreds of cases.

Sullivan & Brill: Our New York City Criminal Defense Attorneys Are on Your Side

When assets have been taken, there are strict timelines in place to fight for their retrieval. Act quickly to retain Sullivan & Brill and we will begin right away to gather evidence to help you restore the assets that were illegally taken from you.

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