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If you read or watch the news on a daily basis, you will consistently see stories about individuals charged with homicide in New York. In fact, in 2011, there was a 14% rise in homicides from 2010. The NYPD has a great variety of investigative tools and techniques to investigate homicides. Also, in each of the five boroughs, the NYPD has its own special homicide unit to dedicate manpower and resources to make arrests of individuals and charge them. In order to defend yourself against homicide accusations, you need experienced and tough representation. Our New York criminal defense lawyers at Sullivan & Brill can help you.

Generally, defenses of homicide charges fall into two categories: identification and self-defense. Oftentimes, the NYPD can arrest the wrong person for committing the crime. This can occur when the NYPD receive a tip or hear "on the street" about the perpetrator. However, these tips are not always credible. At Sullivan & Brill, we will fully scrutinize the quality of these accusations and the credibility of the accusers.

There are other times, when a homicide occurs but the one who committed it was legally justified in doing so – this is called justification or self-defense. In general, if one reasonably believes that he or someone else is in imminent danger of deadly harm, one is justified in using deadly force as protection. It is important to remember that a self-defense case is extremely fact sensitive – which means that the circumstances concerning the homicide and subsequent use of self-defense determine whether one is legally justified or not.

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For more than a decade, Sullivan & Brill has been providing competent, effective legal representation to individuals accused of criminal offenses such as homicide. We use our extensive experience and vast resources to analyze evidence, secure witness testimonies, and provide valuable insight into a case. This is a serious matter that requires an advocate who is fully dedicated to protecting your best interests.

Penalties for homicide can include:

  • Years in prison
  • Lifelong criminal record
  • Possible death sentence

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