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Attempted Murder - Queens County

Sullivan & Brill, LLP was retained to represent a young man from Queens who was charged with shooting a bouncer at a night club in Jamaica, Queens. The NYPD could not locate the weapon used so no gun was ever found and brought into court as an exhibit. In addition, Sullivan & Brill, LLP made a legal motion to the court for "sequential" line ups - which is a line up where the complaining witness views a potential suspect one at a time and not all together in a row. As a result some eyewitnesses were unsure that Sullivan & Brill's client was the shooter. This unreliable identification evidence coupled with the lack of evidence allowed Sullivan & Brill, LLP to negotiate a plea agreement where the client received probation and no jail sentence. In fact, because of this age (he was under 19 when the crime occurred), he was left with no criminal record and his immigration status of a legal resident was left intact.

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