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Attorney Brill Successfully Argues for a Time-Served Sentenced in a Federal Criminal Case

Today, Attorney Steven Brill successfully argued for a sentence of time-served for a client who was facing a sentencing guideline of 37-46 months. Steven Brill's client had been indicted for being a Felon in Possession of a Firearm. Although the client had a criminal history, his justification for the possession was that he feared for his life because his family member had recently been a witness for the prosecution in another case. In his sentencing submissions, Steven Brill's argued that his client was mentally and emotionally abused as a child and struggled to this today to deal with those deep-rooted issues. In addition, Mr. Brill highlighted the fact that his client had turned his life around while he was out on bail during the case.

During almost 2 years that the case was pending, Steven Brill's client was gainfully employed on a full-time basis and was rapidly moving up in his company. Steven Brill's client also showed the Court that he spent all of his time with his wife, children, and grandchildren, and now understands that living as a productive, hard-working person is the proper way to live. The Court imposed a time served sentenced even though it is extremely rare for a federal judge to deviate that much from a federal sentencing guideline. Sullivan & Brill, LLP are looking forward to counting this client as one of their many success stories.

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