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Top 10 Spots where Cops have Stopped, Questioned and Frisked

The New York Civil Liberties Union has recently analyzed NYPD’s stop and frisk program - boiling down the department’s 2011 684,000 stops to the top ten precincts where the policy is used the most. The goal of this report is to make policy and action transparent so the citizens of New York will have a good sense of what their police department is doing. While it may not be news to them, the 75th precinct in East New York topped the list, counting the most people stopped - 31,100 - followed by the 73rd precinct in Brownsville with 25,167. What did come as a surprise is that the 90th precinct, home to Hasidic Jews, hipsters, and Latinos in Williamsburg, was fifth on the list counting 17,566 stops. The balance of the list is as follows:

75 - (East New York, Bk.): 31,100

73 - (Brownsville, Bk.): 25,167

115 - (Jackson Heights, Qns.): 18,156

40 - (South Bronx, Bx.): 17,690

90 - (Williamsburg, Bk.): 17,566

23 - (Upper East Side/East Harlem, Man.) : 17,498

43 - (Soundview, Bx.) : 17,281

103 - (Jamaica, Qns.) - 17,152

44 - (Morris Heights, Bx.) 16,903

120 - (St. George, SI.) 16,490

Perhaps the most interesting conclusion drawn fromthe study is that only 3 percent of stops in East New York led to an arrest. In East Harlem, it was 5 percent. Citywide, 6 percent of stops led to arrest. This conclusion is leading to a valid debate that stop and frisks, in these top ranked areas are not appropriate and warranted.

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