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Sullivan & Brill Defends Client in RICO Conspiracy

Sullivan & Brill is now defending a client charged in a criminal indictment in the SDNY charging alleged members of organized crime families with a RICO conspiracy. The charges included accusations of Health Care Fraud, Illegal Sports Gambling, Unstamped Cigarette Distribution, Firearm Possession, and Extortion. The case involves alleged criminal acts by different organized crime families like the Genovese, Lucchese, and Bonanno families in New York, Philadelphia and Florida. Sullivan & Brill’s client was taken into custody, but released on bail after Steven Brill argued for his release before a Federal Magistrate in the SDNY. The case is now set to be heard by Judge Richard Sullivan. It is expected that the government will turn over its evidence in the near future. Sullivan & Brill’s client has plead not guilty and will be defended vigorously.

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