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Kidnapping - Queens County

In this highly publicized and tragic case, the Client adopted a baby boy in 1980 when the baby was three days old. Several months later, the boy's biological father sought custody of the child claiming that he never consented to the adoption. When the child was 15 months old, the client, along with her husband, maintained custody of the baby, against a court order, and traveled to New Mexico where they lived and raised the baby until he was 22 years old. Facing indictment in New York for taking the baby and exposed to 25 years in prison, Sullivan & Brill represented the adoptive mother and negotiated a plea bargain where she was sentenced to six months prison and five years probation. With a credit for a good time and her eligibility for early release, the client was released in 45 days. Please read the following links highlighting the media coverage of this case. Media Reports Our Client Pleads Innocent

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