Case Results

Sullivan Brill, LLP successfully negotiates a PTD (Pre-Trial Diversion) agreement for Client Originally Charged with Crime

Client was originally charged with Criminal Conspiracy to Produce False Identification Documents by the US Attorney's Office in the District of New Jersey. Client faced several months incarceration as well as potential immigration consequences. After over 2 years of negotiations with the US Attorney's Office, the federal prosecutor on the case agreed to offer our client PTD - also known as Pre-Trial Diversion. Essentially, PTD is a dismissal of the indictment in a certain period of time and is contingent on certainn conditions. As long as those conditions are met, once the specific time period expires, the indictment is dismissed. PTD in any federal district is extremely rare so the Federal Criminal Attorneys at Sullivan Brill, LLP are thrilled to have secured this deal for our client. Needless to say, the client is extremely thrilled as well.

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