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Sullivan & Brill scored a success today, New York Supreme Court Judge granted their motion to terminate a client’s probation

Sullivan & Brill scored a success today, when a New York Supreme Court Judge granted their motion to terminate a client's probation early. Sullivan & Brill's client was originally sentenced to a 10-year term of probation in 2012. The conditions of that probation included attending programs, submitting to drug tests and remaining employed. The client complied with all of the conditions mandated by Probation and eventually reported to Probation on a less frequent basis.

At the client's 6th year of his probation, he came to Sullivan & Brill to help him file a motion with the New York County Supreme Court for a Judge to terminate his probation early. As part of the motion, Sullivan & Brill argued that New York law permits Judges to terminate probation early if: (1) the probationer is no longer in need of such guidance, training or other assistance which would otherwise be administered through probation supervision; (2) the probationer has diligently complied with the terms and conditions of the sentence of probation; and (3) the termination of the sentence of probation is not adverse to the protection of the public. The Judge agreed that Sullivan & Brill's client fit all three prongs.

Needless to say, the client was ecstatic and now was free of any post-conviction supervision that he had been living with for the past 6 years.

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