Federal Crimes

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Since 2001, our team at Sullivan & Brill has consistently and successfully defended our clients against federal crime charges. If you have been charged with a federal crime, there is no time to waste to retain an attorney who can help you. With such high stakes involved in a federal case, Sullivan Brill has the experience and successful track recordthat you can rely on to defend you before a judge and jury.

For more than a decade, our federal criminal defense attorneys at Sullivan & Brill in New York City have consistently proven our ability to successfully take on extremely large-scale, complex cases. No case is too complicated for us to handle. We pride ourselves in treating every client with the utmost respect and compassion as we formulate a defense and seek desirable results in the courtroom.

We have been involved in several notable cases in federal courts throughout the United States, including but not limited to those involving:

Don't delay in retaining a New York criminal defense attorney if you have been charged with a federal crime. Hiring Sullivan & Brill could mean the difference between a conviction and lesser consequences. Call us today to schedule a case review with one of our attorneys.

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